Online Credit Recovery (OCR)

Online Credit Recovery offers a unique opportunity for students who have previously failed courses to recover those credits in the eLearning platform. The versatility of the eLearning platform allows for courses to be accessible before, during, and after the school day providing students with the resources to recover a course credit in as little as 16 weeks, and up to three classes in a year. Students who need to make up credits are encouraged to see their counselor to learn more about Online Credit Recovery. Please see our course list.

Online Marking Period Recovery (MPR)

eLearning can help homeschools in facilitating online marking period recovery by offering virtual work/content for students to complete. This is for any student who may have failed a given marking period in the current school year and wants to complete make up work to improve that grade while simultaneously continuing to work in the course. They can work with their classroom teacher to do this, however we can also offer them virtual work if needed. Students who want to proactively make up a marking period grade for a course they are currently taking are encouraged to see their counselor to learn more about Online Marking Period Recovery. The courses available are the same courses we have for OCR.

Virtual Initial Credit Elective Courses (VIC)

The eLearning platform allows students the opportunity to take courses for initial credit in the virtual environment. These elective courses provide students with the opportunity to accrue credits and technology skills simultaneously, and provide students across the District the opportunity to take classes that may not be available in traditional “brick and mortar” setting. Please see our course list.

Virtual AP Courses (VAP)

This program provides equitable Advanced Placement opportunities for students whose current schools do not have the resources or critical need for a section of a particular AP class. They are Virtual College Board approved courses where online course content is accesible 24/7, and offers the flexibility to fit into any student's schedule. Virtual AP courses are available for Juniors and Seniors who are on track for graduation and wish to challenge themselves. Please see our course list.

Blended AP Courses (BAP)

To expand our reach of students who can have access to online coursework, eLearning can work with teachers who teach face to face AP courses in their buildings the use of our virtual AP courses. This allows teachers to blend their AP courses which can offer more flexibility in pacing and differentiation. The courses available are the same courses we have for VAP.

Proactive Credit Attainment (PCA)

The Proactive Credit Attainment (PCA) program provides students who are currently failing a course and/or who have become disengaged in school or in a particular course an opportunity to reattempt a course averaging their current grades with the grade they receive in the PCR course. There is an application and approval process for this program. This option should not be considered for all students who are failing; it is not an easy fix as students would have to complete an entire online course in half a year.

Online Professional Development

eLearning offers a plethora of online Professional Development courses for staff outside of the school day and accessible anywhere. The Instructional Technology Department offers various courses on SMART Notebook, RCSD 121 Google accounts, curriculum instruction, other district instructional resources and integration strategies. Several other departments have started to create their own online courses as well. A complete catalog of online eLearning courses can be found in our professional development management system, True North Logic, under eLearning.


RCSD eCurriculum offers RCSD teachers virtual access to common core curriculum standards, lesson resources, and enrichment materials.

More Information

Please email the eLearning helpdesk for more information on any of these programs!

The eLearning helpdesk email is or phone number is 585-262-8164. Email is usually best for the quickest responses.